Beginners Guide to Seasoning

Beginners Guide to Seasoning

How can you improve your cooking? It seems like a question that has endless answers. There are many ways, but seasoning is an instant way to elevate your dish.

What is seasoning? 

Seasoning is about tasting and tweaking or fine tuning to bring out the best in the food by adding salt, pepper and spices.

When we season a dish what we are trying to do is create balance. In many cases a pinch of salt and a dash of fresh lemon juice are enough to bring alive a flat or uninspiring dish.

How do I go about seasoning a dish?

There are two main times to think about seasoning at the beginning and the end. For slow cooked dishes it's  a good idea to get some salt in early so it can spread through the whole dish over time. For most other things seasoning at the end is the best way to go.

Before you serve, have a little taste of your dish and ask yourself: Does this taste delicious as it is? Are the flavours a little dull? Would it taste better with some salt and pepper?

If you are unsure, take out a small sample and add salt and pepper to it. Taste and compare to the original. 

What should I use?

  1. Saline seasonings—Salt, spiced salt.
  2. Acid seasonings—Plain vinegar, or same aromatized with tarragon; lemon and orange juices.
  3. Hot seasonings—Peppercorns, ground or coarsely chopped.pepper, paprika, curry, cayenne, and mixed pepper spices.
  4. Saccharine seasonings—Sugar, honey.

 Source: cooksmarts

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